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MX 500

MEGA TRAX featured in HBO’s GAME OF THRONES Season 8 Episode 3. Photos in Gallery.

Click here to check out MX 500 at NASCAR Coca-Cola 600, NASCAR Auto Club 400 on Fox Sports and RED BULL GRC finals on NBC!

MX 500 is a revolutionary new, semi-autonomous, RF controlled robotic camera movement system that creates never before seen shots for movies, television, commercials, sports and live venues.

Blazingly fast, ultrasmooth camera moves, which once could only be achieved through the use of special pursuit vehicles or expensive computer graphics, can now be captured live in real-time with Mega Trax.


  • 0 to 60 mph in ~3 seconds
  • Top speed over 90 mph *
  • Quick set-up over any terrain, with 60% grade and gently curved slopes possible
  • Near silent operation
  • Over ¼ mile of custom track
  • Joy stick control
  • Repeatable and programmable
  • Payload: 85 lbs. plus
  • 4:2:2 HD broadcast quality video with sub-frame latency

  • Wireless operation up to 1.5 miles, including non-line of site situations
  • Supports most remote camera heads, including heavier gyro stabilized heads
  • Capable of 30 to 50 high-speed, quarter-mile runs per charge**
  • Adjustable height: 33” to 61” ***
  • Fully integrated safety logic
  • Powered by proprietary Mega Trax software and Academy Award Winning Overdrive Motion Control Systems


  • Four independent high-power water-cooled servo motors
  • Regenerative motor braking
  • Thermal Expansion Compensating Track Design – Compensates up to 12” of thermal expansion

  • IP-based RF with onboard ethernet switch for video encoders, witness cams and IP accessories
  • Other witness cameras, lights, and payloads may be mounted to dolly


  • Dolly Weight: 320 lbs.
  • High Voltage Battery Capacity: 4125 watt hours
  • Motor Power: 60Kw during typical acceleration
  • On Board Accessory Power: 12V, 24V, 33V, 48V

  • High Voltage Battery Max Charge Rates:
  • 30 240V @ 46A : 15 minutes
  • 10 240V @ 68A : 18 minutes
  • 10 240V @ 20A : 60 minutes – (Honda IS7000 generator)
  • 10 120V @ 40A : 30 minutes – (optional charger)

  • Track Sections: 20’ lengths, 6” x 6” profile
  • Track Length: 68 sections available totaling 1360 linear feet
  • RF Frequency: 2200 to 2500 MHz, 20 MHZ bandwidth


  • HS (high-speed) gearing – for maximum speeds
  • Low- profile trestles – for low mode operation

*Using optional HS gearing
**Run-time dependent on weight, acceleration and distance
***Minimum lens height of 33” achieved with optional low-profile trestles


Like many ground breaking innovations, Mega Trax was born out of frustration, when writer/director and co-founder, Howard McCain, was told by producers that a certain type of extreme action shot he wanted to do would cost over a million dollars and could only be accomplished using CGI. Believing that audiences prefer the jaw dropping “wow” factor of knowing that something is real, and stunned that there was not already a dolly system out there that could do these kind’s shots, Howard turned to VFX Supervisor and co-founder, David Kuklish, to create Mega Trax – the world’s first semi-autonomous, high-speed, robotic dolly system.

Howard McCain Mega TraxHoward McCain brings a uniquely creative point-of-view to today’s cutting edge entertainment production. Having directed such large scale films as OUTLANDER and written franchise films like UNDERWORLD and CONAN, he not only understands the challenges faced by today’s big budget, complex productions, but has an in-depth understanding of the artistic needs driving tomorrow’s producers, writers and directors.

David KuklishDavid Kuklish is a visual effects supervisor, with unparalleled engineering and technical knowledge. David has built some of Universal Studios’ most popular theme park attractions, designed first generation motion-control and flying camera systems for major studios, and supervised digital effects on dozens of movies, TV shows and commercials.  He possesses both the deep, multi-field, technical expertise and broad conceptual vision necessary to bring Mega Trax to life.

Lee Gartley, MegaTraxLee Gartley is a senior executive with leadership experience growing innovative companies. His proven ability to launch new products, enter new markets, and to build products and services that become marketplace leaders underlines Mega Trax’s business strategy and development.

Going where no dolly has gone before, Mega Trax’s newly-designed MX EXTREME robotic dolly will allow filmmakers for the first time to take 90° corners at speed, shoot vertical up the side of a building and even travel inverted above the action – all in one continuous shot!

Building off the ground breaking advances of MX 500, the MX EXTREME incorporates an entirely new, light weight, multi axis chassis design, advanced motion programming features, and whole range of specially patented, shaped track pieces that can be configured into almost any layout you can imagine.

Ideal for sports events, rock concerts, live shows, films and television, MX EXTREME will be able to deliver never before seen knock-out shots for any audience, in any venue, in any medium.

MX EXTREME truly is… the future of motion.


  • 0 to 30 mph in ~1.5 second. Top Speed over 40 mph (65kph)
  • Travels on curved, vertical, and inverted track
  • Free hand control
  • Recordable, repeatable and pre-programed motion control moves
  • Near silent operation
  • Transmits full HD broadcast video with near zero latency
  • Full RF control up to 1.5 miles, including non-line of site situations

  • Supports most remote camera heads, including heavier gyro stabilized heads
  • Battery Driven with hot swappable batteries enabling high unit up-time
  • Camera Head powered by on-board dolly batteries
  • Military-style, adjustable gain joystick controls
  • Easy to Use GUI interface system
  • Fully integrated safety logic systems
  • Powered by proprietary Mega Trax software and Academy Award Winning Overdrive Motion Control Systems


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